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Tips On Shipping Furniture

When you are shipping large items, such as furniture, you may not be able to use standard shipping outlets because they have shipment size restrictions (usually below 150 lbs per shipment, 108 inches long and 5 feet wide). Though these companies don’t specifically prohibit furniture shipping, you must meet their size restrictions. If your furniture exceeds this size limit, you may consider contacting a company that specializes in shipping large items. When shipping furniture, you need to take extra precautionary measures during packing to prevent any potential damage. Here are some tips on how to get started when shipping furniture.

Shipping Furniture
Contact different freight companies to get written quotes for shipping the furniture to the required destination. Most freight shipping companies calculate the cost based on the weight of the item and the type of truck that will be required to complete the shipment process. So in order to get the accurate quote, you will have to give them the weight, starting and destination zip code as well as the class of the item being shipped (in this case furniture). Choose the company that meets your requirements and needs and then book it. Ask them for specific details on how they want the furniture to be packed.

Wrap It

Before wrapping your furniture, take it apart if possible by unscrewing legs from chairs and taking some table pieces out. Now wrap all the furniture pieces in a thick bubble wrap and then secure the wrapping using a tape. Legs and other small pieces should be taped to the main furniture piece. Cover it in plastic sheets for an additional protection layer. If the furniture piece is small enough to fit in a cardboard box, use one along with the wrapping. Use packing foam or peanuts to pack the box. You can find such supplies at local stores or moving companies.

Secure The Item

Secure larger pieces of furniture to a wooden pallet using stretch wrap (after wrapping as indicated above). You can either buy a pallet from the local shipping company, online or ask the company that you have chosen to bring one and secure the furniture for you (additional charges may apply). You can also ask around at local stores to determine if you can get a used pallet cheaply or even free.

Label The Furniture Piece

Put a clear shipping label on the furniture, including your address as well as that of the consignee and phone numbers for you both. If you were given a shipment number, write it in bold letters on the cover of your packaging.
If you follow the aforementioned steps, you will be able go through the shipping process easily and effortlessly. But have the furniture piece waiting outside for pick-up by the shipping company on the agreed date and time. They are likely to give you a time-frame, such as between 10am and 5pm. If the furniture is not small enough that it can be loaded onto their truck by hand, they may charge you for a lift-gate service.

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Buying Antique Furniture

Purchasing antique furniture can really make your home adored with classy style. You can really make the house look exceptional with these awesome pieces of furniture. There are many things that you need to consider when you are buying antique furniture. When you consider these factors well then only you can easily get a pieces of furniture with good quality that can last for your life time. Vintage furniture is really a good investment to make and so make sure that you spend money on the right things so you need not have to regret in future.

Consider Color of the Furniture

Color of this furniture can help you in easily finding furniture that is realistic. True as well as good wooden furniture can change its color with time. If you get a chance for evaluating good furniture then you can find that the color of it will not be so much uniform until it is getting refinished. You should ask the dealer about the color if you find the color in refinished way. If the color of the furniture is uniform then ask whether it has gone through refinishing. If it has gone through refinishing then color can be uniform.

Nails of the Furniture

You should check the nails that are used on the furniture. It is found that nails that are used after the year of 1880 usually come with round heads as well as shanks. These nails were really so great to look at with their unique shapes. Before 1800 things were different then nails of rectangular shape were used on furniture. Shape of the nails can easily make you determine the age of the furniture. If you find nails that are rusty on the holes that are not rusty then you should understand that it can be a fake furniture and also they are trying to sell that in the name of antique piece.

Checking out Chairs

It is necessary for you to check the feet of the chairs. The chairs that are very old can be really much harder when you feel it and they may be similar to stone. If you find the chairs upholstered then you need to peek under corners of upholstery. There are chances for you to find so many sets of nail holes in an old chair. You can rub your hand over rails on underside for finding the saw marks. There are chances for old saws to make marks that are irregular and also which can easily be felt. You can check all this for finding whether the chair is really old or not.

Inspecting Drawers

You need to check the drawers for the purpose of finding whether it is really a quality piece. In antique furniture, you can find pieces of the wood joined in a pattern that look similar to the dove’s tail. In the case of desks, you can find the right side of the drawers get more worn as most of the individuals usually use right hand.


Checklist For Your New Apartment Furniture

Whether you are moving in to your first place or simply something new, moving in into a new apartment does not need to be a hard task. The key to a positive moving experience is to know what you need and planning ahead. There is so much to do, and many things to think about and apartment furniture is one of them. Here are tips to help you find right furniture for your new apartment.
1.Space and budget
Start by thinking about your budget. Not everyone can afford an apartment full of new furniture, so be very honest with yourself about what you can and cannot afford. After the budget, consider the space you have. A 500 square feet space requires less furniture than a space twice its size. One bedroom will require more furniture than two bedrooms. An apartment with washer and dryer connections will cost more to furnish with appliances that the one with a shared laundry space. Also, apartments with huge closets are less expensive than those with small closets because they require less furniture for clothing. Space is crucial, plan wisely.
2. Living and Dining room
For your living room, a sofa is a must. It’s also the largest piece of furniture in your space. Also, consider end tables, chairs, a coffee table, lamps and book shelves. If any case you have a game system, a television or even a stereo, get an entertainment center. If you budget allows, you might also need a curio cabinet or a hatch space. Finally, consider floor lamps for small or a dark dining room.
3. Bedroom and bathrooms
A bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom. It’s also the biggest piece in that room, so consider your space before buying one. Ensure the bed fits well and meets all you needs. Also consider a desk, chair, dresser, night tables, and lamps. Apartment bathrooms are quite simple and inexpensive and often require a shower curtain. For small bathrooms, or those without counter space, go for over-the-toilet cabinets or shelves. Shower caddies are also important additions for small showers.
4. Kitchen
This is one amongst the most expensive rooms in an apartment. Small pieces of furniture and other appliances are quite expensive and may take a lot of space. Make sure you purchase them carefully, and also consider absolute necessities such as coffee pot, microwave, a blender and toaster. Other additions include dishes, glassware, pot and pans.
5. Extras
One you have all the necessary apartment furniture, go around your home to check if you left something or if there is some extra space you can add a piece of furniture. Items like rugs, curtains, wall hangings and bedding will greatly help make your new apartment warm. 
Consider investing in storage solutions to help keep things neat and tidy. When shopping for your furniture, consider items with some hidden storage such as coffee tables with book-shelves underneath. You can also buy under-bed drawers to reduce space and hanging dividers or lower-rack to help increase closet capacity.

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Shipping Furniture

There are several ways on how your furniture can be transported either locally or overseas regardless of where & how you purchased it. Among these options is shipping. When considering shipping, it remains the most used mode of transporting furniture overseas since it is the cheapest compared to other modes of transport such as air freight and road. However, the major disadvantage of shipping is the fact that it can take several weeks before you receive your goods. Furniture that are shipped are packed in creates in containers.

Shipping furniture to different destination across the world has been there for many decades and it has increased & flourished over the last couple of years. Across the world, furniture are bought and moved to different destinations such as from Europe to Africa, Asia to Europe, Europe to America just to mention a few. Shipping furniture rates differ but this depends a lot on the type of furniture that you want to ship and the distance that will be covered.

Furniture making business is growing on daily basis due to the demand for furniture that continues to rise over years. These products serve different purposes in every home and they come in different shape. Due to high demand, most furniture that are shipped are of high quality regardless of the freight charges. Quality goods are highly demanded because they last for long therefore, homeowners do not keep replacing them with new ones.

Some pieces of furniture have become certain part of household; therefore homeowners must plan how to move them in case they relocate to other area. Most people prefer incurring the cost of shipping their furniture to their new destination because the cost of replacing them with new ones might be higher.

When shipping your furniture, you must first compare different rates from various shipping companies. You can do this by getting their quotes and compare them. Most of these companies advertise their rates and you might find them very competitive. However, by comparing their rates, you will get the best price in the market. Sometimes, there are some shipping companies that offer assistance to their clients by ensuring that they is proper documentation for their goods before shipment.

When shipping your furniture, ensure your container is full because if is half-full, they can be moved from one container to another before they reach your destination. Hence, if you have less furniture that cannot fill a container, it is advisable to look for someone who is shipping his goods to the same destination & share one container. By doing this, your products will not be touched until they reach your destination.

To sum up, there are other modes of transport that you can use to transport your furniture from one place to another. Air freight is the most expensive but very fast. However, in case your goods are needed urgently, this can be the best mode of transport because it can take less than two days before you get your products. Nevertheless, shipping is considered the best since it is very cheap compared to air transport.


A Simple Guideline On Cleaning Furniture

Keeping your furniture clean is an important activity that will increase the longevity of the assets. In addition, regular cleaning is essential in keeping them attractive because dirt reduced their appealing nature. Many people hate the activity of cleaning furniture because they see it as a tedious procedure. Others avoid it because they lack an understanding of the best and the cheapest way to go about it. If you are one of those individuals, this article will give you a simple procedure on how you can make the activity of cleaning furniture a hustle free and enjoyable activity.

1. Remove any dirt from the furniture
The first procedure that you should always carry out is the removal of dirt from the furniture. To carry out this activity, you need a dusting brush. Use the brush to brush the furniture until all visible dust and dirt have been removed. In case your furniture has lose cushions, be sure to remove them so that you can brush them separately.

2. Vacuuming
The second procedure is to vacuum the furniture using a vacuum cleaner. Ensure that all sides of the furniture have been effectively vacuumed. Don’t also forget to vacuum the cushions.

3. Clean using a mixture of detergent 
After vacuuming, the third step is to use a mixture of detergent to carry out a thorough cleaning of the furniture. There is a wide variety of detergents that can be found in the market and all you have to do is to purchase some good cleaning detergent from your local store. The best detergents are those that can be mixed using water because they will reduce the costs of having to buy solvents. Be sure to buy genuine solvents because counterfeits will not yield good results. 
After mixing the detergent, test it on a spot so that you can trouble shoot any problems that it can bring. For instance, some detergents are known to cause discoloration and using them on your furniture will affect their quality. To identify if a detergent is good enough, test it on a dry spot.

4. Scrub the detergent on all parts of the furniture 
After ascertaining that the detergent is good, the next step is to rub the mixture of detergent using a sponge on all parts of the furniture. Allow the detergent to penetrate the furniture by allowing it to seep in for about ten minutes so that it can remove any tough stains. Replace the cushions after the detergent has dried.

Post Cleaning Maintenance Routines 
You furniture is not clean but that does not mean the cleaning process should be stopped until another time in future. In fact, there are post cleaning routines that should be carried out on the furniture so that they can stay clean at all times. One major routine is regular vacuuming. Regular vacuuming of the furniture reduces the buildup of dust and dirt, which will in turn reduce the effort required during cleaning. It is also important to keep your house clean at all times so as to reduce dirt and dust build up on the furniture. 


Why Should You Buy Home Office Furniture Online?

In recent years, furniture sales have been a major area of numerous consumer complaints. Fortunately, it’s possible to buy home office furniture online. Buying your furniture online is much safer, and affordable than buying it from brick and mortar stores. In this post, we have discussed some reasons to help you understand why it’s better to purchase furniture online. 
No Persuasive Salesmen 
A lot of customers complain that furniture salesmen make promises they never keep. Most furniture salesmen are just concerned about closing the sale to earn a commission. When you purchase online, you don’t have any persuasive salesmen pressurizing you to buy something you don’t need. 
Photographic Evidence
Most customers complain that the furniture sent to their homes looks different from the models they saw in stores. When you buy office furniture online, you can take a look at the picture, and save it in your computer. You can also match the model and order number in the checkout form with the product invoice. With photographic evidence, you’re less likely to be cheated. 
Less Delivery Issues 
Late shipments and deliveries are also quite common with brick and mortar furniture stores. However, online stores ship your products directly within a few days. Moreover, you will be able to track your order on the website. Another good thing about purchasing furniture online is that most sellers use third party delivering companies. Due to contractual obligations, third party companies try hard to deliver the furniture on time. 
Fewer Traps Regarding Credit & Finance 
According to most industry experts and customers, financing deals offered by brick and mortar furniture stores are notorious. Most financing deals break laws related to credit and loans. A 0% financing deal may not be as great as you thought. It may come with heavy penalty charges. It’s possible that the qualification requirements may be too high. 
Moreover, since the furniture store is extending the loan, you may have already paid them before the delivery of your furniture. In case you later find out that the furniture will be delivered late or damaged, you may have to go through a lot of paperwork to cancel your order. The situation is quite similar for cash. 
Most online home office furniture stores don’t offer financing. However, these stores accept credit cards. If an online furniture store does not deliver your furniture as promised, and does not resolve the complaint, the credit card issuer will be able to help in the dispute. If your furniture arrives damaged or in bad shape, the credit card provider may even force a refund. 
BBB – Better Business Bureau 
When it comes to online furniture stores, it becomes easier to go through Better Business Bureau reviews. If the store is reputed, it will have the BBBOnline logo on the order page. You can check ratings and reviews about the store to check its reputation in the market. 
Online shopping of office furniture is easier, convenient, affordable and safer. When you shop online, you will be able to avoid all the issues mentioned in this post. You will be able to buy high quality products at affordable prices. 

Furniture Shipping

A Guide On How To Ship Furniture

With many products being bought online and locally as well, shipping plays an important role in the whole purchasing and acquisition process. As a buyer you would want the item to reach you safely and if possible affordably too. If you are a seller, you would also want a convenient and affordable shipping option. Well, just like shipping any product, shipping furniture also involves several aspects. If you buy furnishing online, you can ship it in two ways. Either you can ship as freight or you can ship it by white glove movers. This however depends how far it is being shipped whether overseas or within the same geographical region.

If you want to ship your furnishing affordably, then freight is the best method that you can opt for. If the furnishing is destined for an overseas country then it will travel as sea freight meaning it will be packed in a container and transported via the sea. However, what makes it different from white glove movers is that apart from saving you some cash which you can use to pay custom duties, by shipping through freight you will also be responsible for packaging loading and unloading your furnishing. Therefore, as much as it is affordable you will still incur additional expenses along the way.

If the freight transport process doesn’t appeal to you, you can ship it through white glove movers. Such providers usually offer door-to-door service and are therefore responsible for almost everything from the time the furnishing is ready to be shipped to when its reaches its destination point. The work of the white glove movers is generally to package, load, unload and assemble your furnishing. Of course it is quite costly but if you consider how efficient and timely the whole arrangement is, it is a worthy initiative compared to freight transport.

In most cases the type of furnishing you buy will determine how it will be shipped. Delicate or antique furnishing will require utmost care and therefore it will be wise to ship them through white glove movers. Still you can ship them through freight but you may lack the expertise to package them well to avoid costly damages along the way. Depending on your budget and whether you have time, you can decide which shipping option will work best for you. For urgency, you will have to resort to a quicker means of transport especially if as a seller you want to deliver the furnishing to the buyer within a specified period.

Whether you ship furnishing as freight or through white glove movers, remember you will still have to cater for custom duties and other costs as well. This aside, the most important thing that you should consider is choosing a convenient shipping method. You may also have to learn a thing or two about packaging to avoid damages. Know how to prepare the pieces for shipping to make unloading simpler in the destination port. When shipping overseas, you can assess all the transport options available and also compare different providers and the services they offer. This way you can ship your furniture affordably and safely too.


How to Ship Antiques

Antiques definitely hold sentimental value; therefore, a detailed attention and extra care are required when shipping these products. Today, there several licensed companies that offer these professional services with utmost precision but owner of the antique has to take several necessary steps to ensure that the shipping goes smoothly. The following are some of the things you have to do in order to ensure smooth shipment of your antique.

1. Appraise the antique

This is the first step toward safe shipment of your piece. Make sure that the piece you are shipping has been properly appraised so that its exact price has been determined. This will help you have a proper insurance cover for your piece and also allow you to make sound damage claims in case the piece is not delivered in its original condition before the shipment. Appraising your antique will not only assist you in making claims but also toward getting the right shipment company, because genuine shipping companies will always prefer dealing with pieces that they know their true worth.

2. Photograph the piece

After appraising your antique, the next step to take is to photograph the piece in all possible angles that you can. Take photographic image of antique that covers all the details concerning the antique before you hand it over the shipping company. Having images of the antique will help you when you want to file claims in case the piece has been damaged upon delivery because you will be having the reference of the initial image.

3. Secure removable pieces of the antique

If the antique has movable or removable pieces, make sure you have tightly secured them and let the shipping company also know about them so that he can take close care when handling these parts so as not to cause any damage to the antique. Ensure you have informed him about all the delicate joints and parts that have to be handled with extra care.

4. Wrap in protective material

A protective wrap has to be used to cover the antique, especially if the piece is going to be shipped for a long distant. Wrapping the piece ensure that accidental scratches or dust does not affect the surface of you precious piece. You can either use wrapping bags of even blankets when wrapping the piece.

5. For valuable pieces, enclose on box

If the piece you are shipping is very expensive, you may opt for absolute protection. You can achieve this through wrapping the antique inside a box. There are several professional shipping companies that will box your antiques therefore selected ones which offer this kind of services for better protection of your piece.

6. Material of the antique has to be considered

When the piece is being shipped, there can be adverse weather conditions that might affect the antique. For example; wood material will be affected by humidity and moisture found in the air. It is good to consult the shipping company for the best method of packaging and transportation of the pieces that won’t affect its material.

Furniture Shipping

Stress-Free Guidelines on How to Ship Furniture

Whether you are moving or shopping for a new furniture set, understanding the intricacies of shipping can make the process much easier. There are many factors to consider before ultimately settling on any shipping option. Although most people tend to worry more about the cost of freight, it’s quite imperative to give consideration to the concomitant shipping practices. Therefore, if you indeed want to know how to ship furniture in the best possible way, you need to consider…


Most furniture moving companies handle furniture in two ways; either by machinery or manpower. As much as you may be concerned with timely delivery and all, the condition of your cherished furniture will depend on how it’s handled. You may therefore have to weigh between the packing professionalism of human movers or the gentleness of machinery such as liftgates and forklifts. 


Another important consideration when shipping is how the furniture is going to be packaged. This is mostly a factor of convenience to the movers since they prefer items that can easily be loaded and unloaded using machinery. For you however, it’s a matter of care since freight normally involves a lot of shifting and probably dusting. All sensitive pieces should therefore be disassembled and wrapped in a protected package. 

The Terms

The greatest worry regarding shipping is usually the condition of items in transit since nobody would want to replace or have to ship back their valued pieces. For this reason, it is important for you to check out reviews and policies of your carrier then ask questions where details are unclear. You need also to know all the rules regarding damage and compensation of furniture for when something goes wrong. 


Normally, freight carriers work on the basis of curb to curb shipping, which entails getting the pieces from the curb to the truck and back to the curb in a new location. A full service moving company can however guarantee the furniture will be placed where it’s actually needed and unpacked accordingly. Some companies can even provide assembly crews who are solely assigned the interior organization duty.


Since cost is a typical concern for any undertaking, the shipping rates will have to be considered. Just like travel rates, moving charges change with time based on off-peak and on peak days. It is therefore wiser to choose mid-month and mid-week dates which are often the cheapest times to move. Similarly, the price can vary with weight and space such that it may be more costly to ship heavier or bulky furniture. If that is case, it could be better to ship heavy pieces with companies charging based on space and bulkier ones with movers charging by weight.

Like automobiles or antiques, furniture holds great value and is therefore cheaper to maintain than replace. That being the case, whichever means you choose to ship your furniture, it should be stress free and reliable. Basing on the above mentioned tips, it’s clear that the challenge of how to ship furniture is merely a matter of understanding the process. The aim therefore is to ensure the pieces make the trip in durable and condensed packages that guarantee safety from damage. 


Shipping Services Described

Online stores and retails that sell physical goods rely on product deliveries to their clients’ addresses. When goods purchased by a client are delivered to a far away address (another state or region), it is considered a shipment. Shipping basically charges a small fee to save the customer from visiting actual premises for their goods. Some stores include the fee in product prices whereas others charge a separate delivery fee. Since shipments consist of different types, sizes, states and attributes, they are often treated differently. Some goods require urgent delivery due to their perishability. There are a few things one should know before looking for such services from any company.

Delivery locations
It is important to know the exact delivery regions or locations that a company ships to. Most companies usually specify the regions they are able to ship products to. Any state or country not listed in their specifications simply means they do not offer delivery services to those countries. The fee charged for such long distance deliveries depend on the location a client will receive their goods. Regions closer to the retail premises (like a neighboring state) will pay less that those that are furthest (outside the country).

Shipment charges and fees
As aforementioned, most transactions that include goods being shipped to another state or country already incorporate expenses within the price. This may make it seem like a free service. Some providers, however, choose to indicate a separate fee that will cover expenses of such delivery. Usually, the stores offer a mechanism of calculating such costs before the client pays for their goods. Apart from delivery expenses, the client’s country or state may charge import fees and other processing customs related to purchasing foreign products. The fee may be in terms of percentages or range categories.

Delivery period
The delivery period varies from store to store depending on the available transportation capabilities and alliances. Nonetheless, most shipped goods take between 3 to 15 days for delivery. Some may take as short as 2 days while others can stretch beyond 15 business days depending on the country and specifications of the client. It will generally cost more to get your goods within a shorter time frame than that specified by the store. Processing and customs of the receiving state or country may also take another few days before a final delivery is made. Although most specifications of delivery period refer to business days, some stores allow 24 hour processing.

Shipping services
There are various companies that ship goods from one country or state to another. These companies specialize in offering space in their large containers. They also collaborate with airlines, marine transportation, train transportation and cargo trucks. The process of transporting goods from one region to another relies on external partnership networks. Stores partner with shippers such as DHL, Fed Ex and UPS as well as local postal services.

Services that involve delivering goods to off-boundary locations are based on relationships between various partners. It takes a short time to receive your goods, especially if your state does not hold on for too long to clear logistics. Deliveries to P.O Box, APO and FPO addresses may also take longer.