Furniture Shipping

A Guide On How To Ship Furniture

With many products being bought online and locally as well, shipping plays an important role in the whole purchasing and acquisition process. As a buyer you would want the item to reach you safely and if possible affordably too. If you are a seller, you would also want a convenient and affordable shipping option. Well, just like shipping any product, shipping furniture also involves several aspects. If you buy furnishing online, you can ship it in two ways. Either you can ship as freight or you can ship it by white glove movers. This however depends how far it is being shipped whether overseas or within the same geographical region.

If you want to ship your furnishing affordably, then freight is the best method that you can opt for. If the furnishing is destined for an overseas country then it will travel as sea freight meaning it will be packed in a container and transported via the sea. However, what makes it different from white glove movers is that apart from saving you some cash which you can use to pay custom duties, by shipping through freight you will also be responsible for packaging loading and unloading your furnishing. Therefore, as much as it is affordable you will still incur additional expenses along the way.

If the freight transport process doesn’t appeal to you, you can ship it through white glove movers. Such providers usually offer door-to-door service and are therefore responsible for almost everything from the time the furnishing is ready to be shipped to when its reaches its destination point. The work of the white glove movers is generally to package, load, unload and assemble your furnishing. Of course it is quite costly but if you consider how efficient and timely the whole arrangement is, it is a worthy initiative compared to freight transport.

In most cases the type of furnishing you buy will determine how it will be shipped. Delicate or antique furnishing will require utmost care and therefore it will be wise to ship them through white glove movers. Still you can ship them through freight but you may lack the expertise to package them well to avoid costly damages along the way. Depending on your budget and whether you have time, you can decide which shipping option will work best for you. For urgency, you will have to resort to a quicker means of transport especially if as a seller you want to deliver the furnishing to the buyer within a specified period.

Whether you ship furnishing as freight or through white glove movers, remember you will still have to cater for custom duties and other costs as well. This aside, the most important thing that you should consider is choosing a convenient shipping method. You may also have to learn a thing or two about packaging to avoid damages. Know how to prepare the pieces for shipping to make unloading simpler in the destination port. When shipping overseas, you can assess all the transport options available and also compare different providers and the services they offer. This way you can ship your furniture affordably and safely too.