A Simple Guideline On Cleaning Furniture

Keeping your furniture clean is an important activity that will increase the longevity of the assets. In addition, regular cleaning is essential in keeping them attractive because dirt reduced their appealing nature. Many people hate the activity of cleaning furniture because they see it as a tedious procedure. Others avoid it because they lack an understanding of the best and the cheapest way to go about it. If you are one of those individuals, this article will give you a simple procedure on how you can make the activity of cleaning furniture a hustle free and enjoyable activity.

1. Remove any dirt from the furniture
The first procedure that you should always carry out is the removal of dirt from the furniture. To carry out this activity, you need a dusting brush. Use the brush to brush the furniture until all visible dust and dirt have been removed. In case your furniture has lose cushions, be sure to remove them so that you can brush them separately.

2. Vacuuming
The second procedure is to vacuum the furniture using a vacuum cleaner. Ensure that all sides of the furniture have been effectively vacuumed. Don’t also forget to vacuum the cushions.

3. Clean using a mixture of detergent 
After vacuuming, the third step is to use a mixture of detergent to carry out a thorough cleaning of the furniture. There is a wide variety of detergents that can be found in the market and all you have to do is to purchase some good cleaning detergent from your local store. The best detergents are those that can be mixed using water because they will reduce the costs of having to buy solvents. Be sure to buy genuine solvents because counterfeits will not yield good results. 
After mixing the detergent, test it on a spot so that you can trouble shoot any problems that it can bring. For instance, some detergents are known to cause discoloration and using them on your furniture will affect their quality. To identify if a detergent is good enough, test it on a dry spot.

4. Scrub the detergent on all parts of the furniture 
After ascertaining that the detergent is good, the next step is to rub the mixture of detergent using a sponge on all parts of the furniture. Allow the detergent to penetrate the furniture by allowing it to seep in for about ten minutes so that it can remove any tough stains. Replace the cushions after the detergent has dried.

Post Cleaning Maintenance Routines 
You furniture is not clean but that does not mean the cleaning process should be stopped until another time in future. In fact, there are post cleaning routines that should be carried out on the furniture so that they can stay clean at all times. One major routine is regular vacuuming. Regular vacuuming of the furniture reduces the buildup of dust and dirt, which will in turn reduce the effort required during cleaning. It is also important to keep your house clean at all times so as to reduce dirt and dust build up on the furniture.