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Buying Antique Furniture

Purchasing antique furniture can really make your home adored with classy style. You can really make the house look exceptional with these awesome pieces of furniture. There are many things that you need to consider when you are buying antique furniture. When you consider these factors well then only you can easily get a pieces of furniture with good quality that can last for your life time. Vintage furniture is really a good investment to make and so make sure that you spend money on the right things so you need not have to regret in future.

Consider Color of the Furniture

Color of this furniture can help you in easily finding furniture that is realistic. True as well as good wooden furniture can change its color with time. If you get a chance for evaluating good furniture then you can find that the color of it will not be so much uniform until it is getting refinished. You should ask the dealer about the color if you find the color in refinished way. If the color of the furniture is uniform then ask whether it has gone through refinishing. If it has gone through refinishing then color can be uniform.

Nails of the Furniture

You should check the nails that are used on the furniture. It is found that nails that are used after the year of 1880 usually come with round heads as well as shanks. These nails were really so great to look at with their unique shapes. Before 1800 things were different then nails of rectangular shape were used on furniture. Shape of the nails can easily make you determine the age of the furniture. If you find nails that are rusty on the holes that are not rusty then you should understand that it can be a fake furniture and also they are trying to sell that in the name of antique piece.

Checking out Chairs

It is necessary for you to check the feet of the chairs. The chairs that are very old can be really much harder when you feel it and they may be similar to stone. If you find the chairs upholstered then you need to peek under corners of upholstery. There are chances for you to find so many sets of nail holes in an old chair. You can rub your hand over rails on underside for finding the saw marks. There are chances for old saws to make marks that are irregular and also which can easily be felt. You can check all this for finding whether the chair is really old or not.

Inspecting Drawers

You need to check the drawers for the purpose of finding whether it is really a quality piece. In antique furniture, you can find pieces of the wood joined in a pattern that look similar to the dove’s tail. In the case of desks, you can find the right side of the drawers get more worn as most of the individuals usually use right hand.