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Tips On Shipping Furniture

When you are shipping large items, such as furniture, you may not be able to use standard shipping outlets because they have shipment size restrictions (usually below 150 lbs per shipment, 108 inches long and 5 feet wide). Though these companies don’t specifically prohibit furniture shipping, you must meet their size restrictions. If your furniture exceeds this size limit, you may consider contacting a company that specializes in shipping large items. When shipping furniture, you need to take extra precautionary measures during packing to prevent any potential damage. Here are some tips on how to get started when shipping furniture.

Shipping Furniture
Contact different freight companies to get written quotes for shipping the furniture to the required destination. Most freight shipping companies calculate the cost based on the weight of the item and the type of truck that will be required to complete the shipment process. So in order to get the accurate quote, you will have to give them the weight, starting and destination zip code as well as the class of the item being shipped (in this case furniture). Choose the company that meets your requirements and needs and then book it. Ask them for specific details on how they want the furniture to be packed.

Wrap It

Before wrapping your furniture, take it apart if possible by unscrewing legs from chairs and taking some table pieces out. Now wrap all the furniture pieces in a thick bubble wrap and then secure the wrapping using a tape. Legs and other small pieces should be taped to the main furniture piece. Cover it in plastic sheets for an additional protection layer. If the furniture piece is small enough to fit in a cardboard box, use one along with the wrapping. Use packing foam or peanuts to pack the box. You can find such supplies at local stores or moving companies.

Secure The Item

Secure larger pieces of furniture to a wooden pallet using stretch wrap (after wrapping as indicated above). You can either buy a pallet from the local shipping company, online or ask the company that you have chosen to bring one and secure the furniture for you (additional charges may apply). You can also ask around at local stores to determine if you can get a used pallet cheaply or even free.

Label The Furniture Piece

Put a clear shipping label on the furniture, including your address as well as that of the consignee and phone numbers for you both. If you were given a shipment number, write it in bold letters on the cover of your packaging.
If you follow the aforementioned steps, you will be able go through the shipping process easily and effortlessly. But have the furniture piece waiting outside for pick-up by the shipping company on the agreed date and time. They are likely to give you a time-frame, such as between 10am and 5pm. If the furniture is not small enough that it can be loaded onto their truck by hand, they may charge you for a lift-gate service.

Furniture, Shipping

Shipping Furniture

There are several ways on how your furniture can be transported either locally or overseas regardless of where & how you purchased it. Among these options is shipping. When considering shipping, it remains the most used mode of transporting furniture overseas since it is the cheapest compared to other modes of transport such as air freight and road. However, the major disadvantage of shipping is the fact that it can take several weeks before you receive your goods. Furniture that are shipped are packed in creates in containers.

Shipping furniture to different destination across the world has been there for many decades and it has increased & flourished over the last couple of years. Across the world, furniture are bought and moved to different destinations such as from Europe to Africa, Asia to Europe, Europe to America just to mention a few. Shipping furniture rates differ but this depends a lot on the type of furniture that you want to ship and the distance that will be covered.

Furniture making business is growing on daily basis due to the demand for furniture that continues to rise over years. These products serve different purposes in every home and they come in different shape. Due to high demand, most furniture that are shipped are of high quality regardless of the freight charges. Quality goods are highly demanded because they last for long therefore, homeowners do not keep replacing them with new ones.

Some pieces of furniture have become certain part of household; therefore homeowners must plan how to move them in case they relocate to other area. Most people prefer incurring the cost of shipping their furniture to their new destination because the cost of replacing them with new ones might be higher.

When shipping your furniture, you must first compare different rates from various shipping companies. You can do this by getting their quotes and compare them. Most of these companies advertise their rates and you might find them very competitive. However, by comparing their rates, you will get the best price in the market. Sometimes, there are some shipping companies that offer assistance to their clients by ensuring that they is proper documentation for their goods before shipment.

When shipping your furniture, ensure your container is full because if is half-full, they can be moved from one container to another before they reach your destination. Hence, if you have less furniture that cannot fill a container, it is advisable to look for someone who is shipping his goods to the same destination & share one container. By doing this, your products will not be touched until they reach your destination.

To sum up, there are other modes of transport that you can use to transport your furniture from one place to another. Air freight is the most expensive but very fast. However, in case your goods are needed urgently, this can be the best mode of transport because it can take less than two days before you get your products. Nevertheless, shipping is considered the best since it is very cheap compared to air transport.


Shipping Services Described

Online stores and retails that sell physical goods rely on product deliveries to their clients’ addresses. When goods purchased by a client are delivered to a far away address (another state or region), it is considered a shipment. Shipping basically charges a small fee to save the customer from visiting actual premises for their goods. Some stores include the fee in product prices whereas others charge a separate delivery fee. Since shipments consist of different types, sizes, states and attributes, they are often treated differently. Some goods require urgent delivery due to their perishability. There are a few things one should know before looking for such services from any company.

Delivery locations
It is important to know the exact delivery regions or locations that a company ships to. Most companies usually specify the regions they are able to ship products to. Any state or country not listed in their specifications simply means they do not offer delivery services to those countries. The fee charged for such long distance deliveries depend on the location a client will receive their goods. Regions closer to the retail premises (like a neighboring state) will pay less that those that are furthest (outside the country).

Shipment charges and fees
As aforementioned, most transactions that include goods being shipped to another state or country already incorporate expenses within the price. This may make it seem like a free service. Some providers, however, choose to indicate a separate fee that will cover expenses of such delivery. Usually, the stores offer a mechanism of calculating such costs before the client pays for their goods. Apart from delivery expenses, the client’s country or state may charge import fees and other processing customs related to purchasing foreign products. The fee may be in terms of percentages or range categories.

Delivery period
The delivery period varies from store to store depending on the available transportation capabilities and alliances. Nonetheless, most shipped goods take between 3 to 15 days for delivery. Some may take as short as 2 days while others can stretch beyond 15 business days depending on the country and specifications of the client. It will generally cost more to get your goods within a shorter time frame than that specified by the store. Processing and customs of the receiving state or country may also take another few days before a final delivery is made. Although most specifications of delivery period refer to business days, some stores allow 24 hour processing.

Shipping services
There are various companies that ship goods from one country or state to another. These companies specialize in offering space in their large containers. They also collaborate with airlines, marine transportation, train transportation and cargo trucks. The process of transporting goods from one region to another relies on external partnership networks. Stores partner with shippers such as DHL, Fed Ex and UPS as well as local postal services.

Services that involve delivering goods to off-boundary locations are based on relationships between various partners. It takes a short time to receive your goods, especially if your state does not hold on for too long to clear logistics. Deliveries to P.O Box, APO and FPO addresses may also take longer.