Checklist For Your New Apartment Furniture

Whether you are moving in to your first place or simply something new, moving in into a new apartment does not need to be a hard task. The key to a positive moving experience is to know what you need and planning ahead. There is so much to do, and many things to think about and apartment furniture is one of them. Here are tips to help you find right furniture for your new apartment.
1.Space and budget
Start by thinking about your budget. Not everyone can afford an apartment full of new furniture, so be very honest with yourself about what you can and cannot afford. After the budget, consider the space you have. A 500 square feet space requires less furniture than a space twice its size. One bedroom will require more furniture than two bedrooms. An apartment with washer and dryer connections will cost more to furnish with appliances that the one with a shared laundry space. Also, apartments with huge closets are less expensive than those with small closets because they require less furniture for clothing. Space is crucial, plan wisely.
2. Living and Dining room
For your living room, a sofa is a must. It’s also the largest piece of furniture in your space. Also, consider end tables, chairs, a coffee table, lamps and book shelves. If any case you have a game system, a television or even a stereo, get an entertainment center. If you budget allows, you might also need a curio cabinet or a hatch space. Finally, consider floor lamps for small or a dark dining room.
3. Bedroom and bathrooms
A bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom. It’s also the biggest piece in that room, so consider your space before buying one. Ensure the bed fits well and meets all you needs. Also consider a desk, chair, dresser, night tables, and lamps. Apartment bathrooms are quite simple and inexpensive and often require a shower curtain. For small bathrooms, or those without counter space, go for over-the-toilet cabinets or shelves. Shower caddies are also important additions for small showers.
4. Kitchen
This is one amongst the most expensive rooms in an apartment. Small pieces of furniture and other appliances are quite expensive and may take a lot of space. Make sure you purchase them carefully, and also consider absolute necessities such as coffee pot, microwave, a blender and toaster. Other additions include dishes, glassware, pot and pans.
5. Extras
One you have all the necessary apartment furniture, go around your home to check if you left something or if there is some extra space you can add a piece of furniture. Items like rugs, curtains, wall hangings and bedding will greatly help make your new apartment warm. 
Consider investing in storage solutions to help keep things neat and tidy. When shopping for your furniture, consider items with some hidden storage such as coffee tables with book-shelves underneath. You can also buy under-bed drawers to reduce space and hanging dividers or lower-rack to help increase closet capacity.