Furniture Shipping

Stress-Free Guidelines on How to Ship Furniture

Whether you are moving or shopping for a new furniture set, understanding the intricacies of shipping can make the process much easier. There are many factors to consider before ultimately settling on any shipping option. Although most people tend to worry more about the cost of freight, it’s quite imperative to give consideration to the concomitant shipping practices. Therefore, if you indeed want to know how to ship furniture in the best possible way, you need to consider…


Most furniture moving companies handle furniture in two ways; either by machinery or manpower. As much as you may be concerned with timely delivery and all, the condition of your cherished furniture will depend on how it’s handled. You may therefore have to weigh between the packing professionalism of human movers or the gentleness of machinery such as liftgates and forklifts. 


Another important consideration when shipping is how the furniture is going to be packaged. This is mostly a factor of convenience to the movers since they prefer items that can easily be loaded and unloaded using machinery. For you however, it’s a matter of care since freight normally involves a lot of shifting and probably dusting. All sensitive pieces should therefore be disassembled and wrapped in a protected package. 

The Terms

The greatest worry regarding shipping is usually the condition of items in transit since nobody would want to replace or have to ship back their valued pieces. For this reason, it is important for you to check out reviews and policies of your carrier then ask questions where details are unclear. You need also to know all the rules regarding damage and compensation of furniture for when something goes wrong. 


Normally, freight carriers work on the basis of curb to curb shipping, which entails getting the pieces from the curb to the truck and back to the curb in a new location. A full service moving company can however guarantee the furniture will be placed where it’s actually needed and unpacked accordingly. Some companies can even provide assembly crews who are solely assigned the interior organization duty.


Since cost is a typical concern for any undertaking, the shipping rates will have to be considered. Just like travel rates, moving charges change with time based on off-peak and on peak days. It is therefore wiser to choose mid-month and mid-week dates which are often the cheapest times to move. Similarly, the price can vary with weight and space such that it may be more costly to ship heavier or bulky furniture. If that is case, it could be better to ship heavy pieces with companies charging based on space and bulkier ones with movers charging by weight.

Like automobiles or antiques, furniture holds great value and is therefore cheaper to maintain than replace. That being the case, whichever means you choose to ship your furniture, it should be stress free and reliable. Basing on the above mentioned tips, it’s clear that the challenge of how to ship furniture is merely a matter of understanding the process. The aim therefore is to ensure the pieces make the trip in durable and condensed packages that guarantee safety from damage.