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Tips On Shipping Furniture

When you are shipping large items, such as furniture, you may not be able to use standard shipping outlets because they have shipment size restrictions (usually below 150 lbs per shipment, 108 inches long and 5 feet wide). Though these companies don’t specifically prohibit furniture shipping, you must meet their size restrictions. If your furniture exceeds this size limit, you may consider contacting a company that specializes in shipping large items. When shipping furniture, you need to take extra precautionary measures during packing to prevent any potential damage. Here are some tips on how to get started when shipping furniture.

Shipping Furniture
Contact different freight companies to get written quotes for shipping the furniture to the required destination. Most freight shipping companies calculate the cost based on the weight of the item and the type of truck that will be required to complete the shipment process. So in order to get the accurate quote, you will have to give them the weight, starting and destination zip code as well as the class of the item being shipped (in this case furniture). Choose the company that meets your requirements and needs and then book it. Ask them for specific details on how they want the furniture to be packed.

Wrap It

Before wrapping your furniture, take it apart if possible by unscrewing legs from chairs and taking some table pieces out. Now wrap all the furniture pieces in a thick bubble wrap and then secure the wrapping using a tape. Legs and other small pieces should be taped to the main furniture piece. Cover it in plastic sheets for an additional protection layer. If the furniture piece is small enough to fit in a cardboard box, use one along with the wrapping. Use packing foam or peanuts to pack the box. You can find such supplies at local stores or moving companies.

Secure The Item

Secure larger pieces of furniture to a wooden pallet using stretch wrap (after wrapping as indicated above). You can either buy a pallet from the local shipping company, online or ask the company that you have chosen to bring one and secure the furniture for you (additional charges may apply). You can also ask around at local stores to determine if you can get a used pallet cheaply or even free.

Label The Furniture Piece

Put a clear shipping label on the furniture, including your address as well as that of the consignee and phone numbers for you both. If you were given a shipment number, write it in bold letters on the cover of your packaging.
If you follow the aforementioned steps, you will be able go through the shipping process easily and effortlessly. But have the furniture piece waiting outside for pick-up by the shipping company on the agreed date and time. They are likely to give you a time-frame, such as between 10am and 5pm. If the furniture is not small enough that it can be loaded onto their truck by hand, they may charge you for a lift-gate service.

Furniture Shipping

A Guide On How To Ship Furniture

With many products being bought online and locally as well, shipping plays an important role in the whole purchasing and acquisition process. As a buyer you would want the item to reach you safely and if possible affordably too. If you are a seller, you would also want a convenient and affordable shipping option. Well, just like shipping any product, shipping furniture also involves several aspects. If you buy furnishing online, you can ship it in two ways. Either you can ship as freight or you can ship it by white glove movers. This however depends how far it is being shipped whether overseas or within the same geographical region.

If you want to ship your furnishing affordably, then freight is the best method that you can opt for. If the furnishing is destined for an overseas country then it will travel as sea freight meaning it will be packed in a container and transported via the sea. However, what makes it different from white glove movers is that apart from saving you some cash which you can use to pay custom duties, by shipping through freight you will also be responsible for packaging loading and unloading your furnishing. Therefore, as much as it is affordable you will still incur additional expenses along the way.

If the freight transport process doesn’t appeal to you, you can ship it through white glove movers. Such providers usually offer door-to-door service and are therefore responsible for almost everything from the time the furnishing is ready to be shipped to when its reaches its destination point. The work of the white glove movers is generally to package, load, unload and assemble your furnishing. Of course it is quite costly but if you consider how efficient and timely the whole arrangement is, it is a worthy initiative compared to freight transport.

In most cases the type of furnishing you buy will determine how it will be shipped. Delicate or antique furnishing will require utmost care and therefore it will be wise to ship them through white glove movers. Still you can ship them through freight but you may lack the expertise to package them well to avoid costly damages along the way. Depending on your budget and whether you have time, you can decide which shipping option will work best for you. For urgency, you will have to resort to a quicker means of transport especially if as a seller you want to deliver the furnishing to the buyer within a specified period.

Whether you ship furnishing as freight or through white glove movers, remember you will still have to cater for custom duties and other costs as well. This aside, the most important thing that you should consider is choosing a convenient shipping method. You may also have to learn a thing or two about packaging to avoid damages. Know how to prepare the pieces for shipping to make unloading simpler in the destination port. When shipping overseas, you can assess all the transport options available and also compare different providers and the services they offer. This way you can ship your furniture affordably and safely too.

Furniture Shipping

Stress-Free Guidelines on How to Ship Furniture

Whether you are moving or shopping for a new furniture set, understanding the intricacies of shipping can make the process much easier. There are many factors to consider before ultimately settling on any shipping option. Although most people tend to worry more about the cost of freight, it’s quite imperative to give consideration to the concomitant shipping practices. Therefore, if you indeed want to know how to ship furniture in the best possible way, you need to consider…


Most furniture moving companies handle furniture in two ways; either by machinery or manpower. As much as you may be concerned with timely delivery and all, the condition of your cherished furniture will depend on how it’s handled. You may therefore have to weigh between the packing professionalism of human movers or the gentleness of machinery such as liftgates and forklifts. 


Another important consideration when shipping is how the furniture is going to be packaged. This is mostly a factor of convenience to the movers since they prefer items that can easily be loaded and unloaded using machinery. For you however, it’s a matter of care since freight normally involves a lot of shifting and probably dusting. All sensitive pieces should therefore be disassembled and wrapped in a protected package. 

The Terms

The greatest worry regarding shipping is usually the condition of items in transit since nobody would want to replace or have to ship back their valued pieces. For this reason, it is important for you to check out reviews and policies of your carrier then ask questions where details are unclear. You need also to know all the rules regarding damage and compensation of furniture for when something goes wrong. 


Normally, freight carriers work on the basis of curb to curb shipping, which entails getting the pieces from the curb to the truck and back to the curb in a new location. A full service moving company can however guarantee the furniture will be placed where it’s actually needed and unpacked accordingly. Some companies can even provide assembly crews who are solely assigned the interior organization duty.


Since cost is a typical concern for any undertaking, the shipping rates will have to be considered. Just like travel rates, moving charges change with time based on off-peak and on peak days. It is therefore wiser to choose mid-month and mid-week dates which are often the cheapest times to move. Similarly, the price can vary with weight and space such that it may be more costly to ship heavier or bulky furniture. If that is case, it could be better to ship heavy pieces with companies charging based on space and bulkier ones with movers charging by weight.

Like automobiles or antiques, furniture holds great value and is therefore cheaper to maintain than replace. That being the case, whichever means you choose to ship your furniture, it should be stress free and reliable. Basing on the above mentioned tips, it’s clear that the challenge of how to ship furniture is merely a matter of understanding the process. The aim therefore is to ensure the pieces make the trip in durable and condensed packages that guarantee safety from damage.